What People Are Saying About the Fasting Mimicking Diet

Don’t take our word for it -- here are testimonials and the results of some of the people from all around the world who have tried the Fasting Mimicking Diet program.

Dr. Joel Kahn, on

“In my nearly 30 years of practicing cardiology and preventive medicine, I view the Prolon FMD as one of the greatest examples of translating years of peer-reviewed science—starting in yeast, then mice, and now humans—into a plan that almost anyone can adopt and benefit from. I thank Dr. Longo and his team who have set up this fasting program to benefit research programs at USC, and not for their own gain. In my opinion, the FMD is the best fasting approach and is the one most supported by scientific studies.”

Emily Van Der Meer, on

“...When I did the fasting-mimicking program [...] I thought I’d end up writing a story about how it was a waste of time. But the results were so impressive I plan on doing it again.”

Vicky Eldridge, on

“I feel healthy and happy after doing [the fasting mimicking diet]. The most important thing for me when I started this journey was to be healthy and kind to myself after years of thinking I wasn’t good enough or being at odds with my body image.

I’ve dropped two dress sizes and I have had lots of compliments from friends, family and colleagues saying I look the best I have in years. After a decade of being slightly overweight I finally feel comfortable in my own skin and happy with my body. I didn’t want to be too skinny. I’m nearly 40 and being a size 10 and still having my curves means I feel confident.”